86 - Linked Rings

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Unique ID: 86

Technical details


Quarter Stater




Belgic Gaul



Issuing Authority









Excessively Rare (2 to 5)


53 BC to 52 BC (see note about dating)

Obverse Legend

No Legend

Reverse Legend

No Legend

Obverse Description

The obverse is blank.

Reverse Description

The reverse is dominated by a tree like object with five branches at the top (three to the left and two to the right) and two short roots at the bottom coming from a pellet annulet. The roots end with pellets. The branches on both sides have thin wavy lines coming from them. To the left and right of the tree trunk are pairs of beaded open rings. The outside ring on the left pair can only be seen as the thick joining point and a faint outline. The outside ring on the right is mainly off flan, but the thick joining point and trace of the upper left side can be seen.

A pellet with a beaded ring appears above the tree, and unidentified solid objects lie to the left and right. The one on the left suggests that these were once patterned, but neither known coin shows what this might have been.

Below the tree on the left is a pair of linked ringed pellets with a wavey line extending to the lower right. The coin is chipped at this point, but the other known coin shows a zig-zag line ending in a single ringed pellet.


DT 254. l’arbre et à la ligne brisée (This coin)


Scheers Series 13. Les quarts au bateau – le type uniface orné

This coin is a Gallo Belgic D (GB-D) but one which is rare enough not to have its own name, so I’ve given it one. The distinctive feature of this coin is the linked nature of the two open rosettes and the object in the bottom left. The open rosettes beside the tree trunk are actually in linked pairs. The faint outline of the second one on the left can just be seen, and the upper left corner of the second one on the right can still be seen. The thicker parts of the rosettes are where they adjoin. I know of one other example of this type, and it shows the double rosette on the right but not the left. The object on the lower left appears to be two interlinked ringed pellets with a wavy line attached. This is missing on the other coin, but that does show the one that’s missing on this coin. It appears to be a zig-zag line ending in a single ringed pellet.

As for date, I’m assuming this is derived from the GB-D Two/Four Rosette types, and contemporary with the later types that feature the snake like objects. That places this coin in 53/52 BC.

GB-D types in the collection:

  • Branch Type (38 and 63)
  • Two Symbols (26 and 31)
  • Two Arcs Uniface (79)
  • Ornate Lines (54)
  • Two Rosettes (70 and 93)
  • Linked Rings (86)
  • Ringed Pellet Globular (47)
  • S-Wave Trophy (64)
  • Legend A (62)
  • Legend RR (81)