About the TCx3 Collection of Celtic Coins

The TCx3 collection consists of 118 Celtic coins that I have been fortunate enough to photograph and study. Each coin has been chosen because it interests me in some way. Sometimes on its own, but normally because it forms part of a bigger picture I’m trying to see.

My criteria for including a coin in the collection differs from many other collectors. While many only consider coins in the best conditions, I find that these hold little interest to me. Being “pretty” is not enough on its own. Instead, I find interest in the change of the images over time, the change of metals used, the change in the dies. I like buying duplicates to see how the dies degraded with use. I find interest in mistakes. I like offstruck coins that show the extremes of the image, or the uncut surfaces of the die itself. I like tong marks and double strikes, which may be the only distinguishable legacy that someone ever left behind in this world. I like a coin with a story.

None of the coins on this site are for sale. They’re not all in my possession anymore, and I’m keeping the few I have left. You can use my photos for non-commercial reasons as long as you 1) provide a link to this web site and 2) credit me with a “Photo Copyright tcx3.co.uk” message. If you want to use them for commercial reasons (that is, if you will make money from them directly or indirectly) then head over to www.alamy.com and search for “tcx3”.

You may wonder what TCx3 means. It means I was 20 years too late to get a good but short internet address. I’m obliged to tell you that if you follow one of my links to Amazon and then buy anything (and I mean anything) on Amazon, I may get an affiliates reward. That comes from their profit and it doesn’t cost you anything. If you find the site useful in anyway then I’d encourage you to do so. I made £1.50 in 2020 and I’m hoping that one year I can reach the heady heights of £2.

If you are looking for the privacy statement, I don’t have one. I don’t gather any private information about you, and to be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did. I use Google Analytics on the site to see if anyone apart from me ever looks at this, so they will gather some information. There’s a GDPR option to say no to this when you first come to the site.