The TCx3 collection features 118 Celtic coins ranging from 300 BC to 40 AD. Minted in the late Iron Age, Celtic coins are some of the most beautiful and mysterious coins ever made. The Celts didn’t leave any records behind for us, giving us endless topics to research and debate. A significant part of the collection is composed of coins where we don’t even know what’s being depicted, or which way to orient the coin. It’s the mystery of not knowing that calls me to these coins.

Collecting means assembling a set of coins in which each enhances the significance of the others. Having limited resources helps define a purpose that brings coherence to a collection. Finding that purpose means assembling a collection in your mind before purchase. Serving that purpose makes it hard to find coins on which to spend money and ensures years of enjoyment in learning, searching and purchasingLouis B. Butterfield

I believe the purpose of a collection is to tell stories, and almost every coin in the collection is part of one. The TCx3 collection has two main themes. One is an exploration of the “boat and tree” image evolution, where the same basic image was reused over decades with subtle modifications and adaptations. The other is the stories told by the earliest British gold coinage. Little is known about the tribes who inhabited Britain before the Romans came, and the coins they left behind are sometimes the only proof they ever existed.