63 - Branch Type

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Unique ID: 63

Technical details


Quarter Stater




Belgic Gaul



Issuing Authority









Very Rare (16 to 30)


57 BC to 56 BC (see note about dating)

Obverse Legend

No Legend

Reverse Legend

No Legend

Obverse Description

The obverse shows a boat with two figures, with a pellet to their left.

The obverse is sometimes rotated 180 degrees and described as a stylised animal (normally a boar but sometimes a wolf), but the arguments for this are unconvincing and the text required to describe the design as a boar or other abstract animal becomes increasingly convoluted.

A possible interpretation of the boat and its passengers was presented by Daphne Nash Briggs in "Reading the images on lron-Age coins: I. the sun-boat and its passengers".

Reverse Description

The reverse is split into halves by a forked line. A faint line comes off the top of the fork, and there a trace of an object above and to the right.

Bt. from finder’s son on Facebook (2019)

Found in Kent

Divided Kingdoms

DK 23. GB-D – Branch


Scheers Series 13. Les quarts au bateau – le type biface au champ uni

This coin is Gallo Belgic D (GB-D) “Branch Type”. Although classed as GB-D because of its obverse, it doesn’t really fit into the overall type, which shows a clear image evolution. The obverse features the classic two-men-in-a-boat motif, and the reverse features a forked line that resembles a branch. A faint bar comes off the top of this line (when oriented with the two forks to the left). It is likely that this die was a copy of a GB-Ca2 reverse which then became worn and then broke, turning the crooked line in these types into a fork. If this is the case then it’s unclear which GB-Ca2 reverse might have been copied, or if this is from the die that broke or a subsequent copy of the broken die.

GB-D types in the collection:

  • Branch Type (38 and 63)
  • Two Symbols (26 and 31)
  • Two Arcs Uniface (79)
  • Ornate Lines (54)
  • Two Rosettes (70 and 93)
  • Linked Rings (86)
  • Ringed Pellet Globular (47)
  • S-Wave Trophy (64)
  • Legend A (62)
  • Legend RR (81)