47 - Ringed Pellet Globular

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Unique ID: 47

Technical details


Quarter Stater




Belgic Gaul



Issuing Authority









Very Rare (16 to 30)


53 BC to 52 BC (see note about dating)

Obverse Legend

No Legend

Reverse Legend

No Legend

Obverse Description

The obverse is a blank hemisphere with a ringed pellet on it.

Reverse Description

The reverse is dominated by a tree like object with two branches at the top and 3 roots at the bottom. The branches further subdivide into three branches each. To the right of the tree is a crescent. Below and to the left is a crescent ringed by pellets. Below and to the right is a pellet ringed by pellets. Below all of this is a crooked line.

Other coins show that there are symbols above the tree as well. To the upper left is a pellet ringed by pellets, and this also appears directly above the tree. To the upper right is a long elongated S shaped object which bears a resemblance to a carnyx.

Bt. Olivier Goujon Numismatique. Mail Bid Sale 1 Lot 22 (2018)

This is a bit of a mystery coin as it isn’t in any of the reference books. It appears to be part of the GB-D family, and specifically the later uniface type with ornaments on the obverse. However, it is smaller than these coins, and unlike the others, minted on a globular flan. Most auctions describe it as a variant of DT 255 (as it also has a ringed pellet on the obverse), but the reverse and the flan are significantly different. Without more information, it will be assigned to the Morini with a date towards the end of the Gallic wars. Rarity is based on examples I have found online.

GB-D types in the collection:

  • Branch Type (38 and 63)
  • Two Symbols (26 and 31)
  • Two Arcs Uniface (79)
  • Ornate Lines (54)
  • Two Rosettes (70 and 93)
  • Linked Rings (86)
  • Ringed Pellet Globular (47)
  • S-Wave Trophy (64)
  • Legend A (62)
  • Legend RR (81)