69 - Clacton Star

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Unique ID: 69

Technical details


Quarter Stater






North Thames

Issuing Authority









Extremely Rare (6 to 15)


57 BC to 55 BC (see note about dating)

Obverse Legend

No Legend

Reverse Legend

No Legend

Obverse Description

The obverse is blank and badly scraped. It would have originaly have had the two-men-in-a-boat motif on it.

The obverse is sometimes rotated 180 degrees and described as a stylised animal (normally a boar but sometimes a wolf), but the arguments for this are unconvincing and the text required to describe the design as a boar or other abstract animal becomes increasingly convoluted.

A possible interpretation of the boat and its passengers was presented by Daphne Nash Briggs in "Reading the images on lron-Age coins: I. the sun-boat and its passengers".

Reverse Description

The reverse consists of a running horse with a large square-edged tail, with a oval annulet below, and a spiky mane. There’s a star between its legs, and it is surrounded by pellets.

Bt. Chris Rudd Ltd. Liz’s List 102, number 29 (2019)

Ex. Dr John Sills collection

Ex. Spink ‘Celtic Coins from the Geoff Cottam Collection’ (Auction 15049 Lot 262) 2015

Ex. Geoff Cottam Collection

CCI 94.1397

Chris Rudd list 4, number 34 (1992)

Chris Rudd list 2, number 19 (1992)

Found. Ipswich, Suffolk.

Divided Kingdoms

DK 414. British G2 Class 2b – Clacton Star (This coin)

The Clacton Star quarter staters are the final class in the British G2 series, coming after the much more common Clacton de Jersey quarter (see 24). Dr. John Sills posits that they were minted after the start of the Gallic wars in 58 BC but before the first invasion of Britain by Caesar in 55 BC. These are the last coins in the type, and are of a much poorer quality metal than the early coins, so they are likely to have been minted near to 55 BC. This is one of two in the collection (see 82).